Wide Reading

Ever wondered what to read next?

Here on this page I hope to offer some suggestions, based on books and authors that you have enjoyed in the past.
By way of doing this, here is some explanation of the groupings below. Seed Text picks up on a relatively contemporary book that you may be aware of, even if you haven’t read it.
Below this are the Suggested Texts. A brief explanation for each follows. I have also tried to plot them on a Continuum, to suggest variations in difficulty and style.

The Post Apocalyptic World

I love texts where we find a world that has gone through some kind of crisis and come out the other side (with the crisis often unclear and the other side now a seemingly pleasant “norm”). These texts often make use of a protagonist who doesn’t fit in – there is a nagging doubt that things should not be as they “are”, or s/he may possess a skill that sets them apart from the community. These texts often have a “novelty” factor. In the case of Ness’s book, it is the premise of what would occur if every person could hear/read the minds of everyone else (and the wildlife!)? On top of this, journeys often feature prominently in these texts, often when the character become aware of the truth, or conversely, when the community becomes aware that the protagonist no longer fits in?

SEED TEXT:- The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
50 Word Hook: Imagine a place where every man can hear the thoughts of every other man and animal and there are no women. Into this secretless world, Todd and his dog Manchee, discover a place where silence exists and, as a result, must leave on a journey to escape impending danger.


1. The Giver by Lowis Lowry
At the base level (easiest text), this explores a community where jobs are selected for you at the age of 12. Jonas is the odd figure out and has an ability that sets him apart from the other children. However, with his special responsibility come both responsibility and revelation.
2. The White Mountains by John Christopher

Will lives in a world overseen by Tripods – massive three legged machines that patrol the lands. As Will approaches the age of capping, he meets a vagrant named Ozymandius, who describes The White Mountains, where men exist free of the mind-controlling cap. Will sets out on a vast journey to reach the free men, accompanied by his cousin Henry.


Summer Reading Flowchart

Via Teach.com and USC Rossier Online


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