Photo of me… courtesy of my five year old daughter.

Welcome to my Education Blog! Or rather, welcome to my Blog that started out with a focus on Education and now explores topics and ideas more broadly. I teach English and Drama to teenage boys in a school in Sydney, Australia, and have never lived more than about 15km from where I am now. Having gone to University to study an Arts Degree, I found myself unsure of what to do as that ended. My passion for theatre and writing plays saw me take on a Diploma in Education, while in that same year I attended the National Institute of Drama (NIDA) Playwrights’ course. Again, it was this interest in Drama which probably saw me employed at my first school – where replacing someone on a one year maternity leave of absence, led to my staying for nine years. I have now been teaching at my current school for just over a decade, including running the school boarding house for just over six years. Now my family and I have moved back to our “old” house where we have been joined by Sally, the black standard poodle.

This ‘About’ page originally had most of the comment captured in the next phrases :

I am interested in the changing landscape of teaching and education and, to that end, have started this blog. Over time I am hoping to include some lesson ideas, observations on teaching and education, and the changing role of ICT in the classroom. I would love to hear about your own ideas on these topics – feel free to make a comment! 

Sunset by the river, near our house.

Sunset by the river, near our house.

I can add to this to say that I am now about to embark (late Feb 2013) on a Masters in Education, with a particular emphasis on e-Learning. I am very excited about this, as it is all being undertaken by distance. This means a completely different approach to that which I faced in the early 90s – using moodles, email, online readings and blogs/wikis to name a few approaches. I imagine that I will be writing about this over the coming couple of years, in this blog.

In the meantime, would love you to share your thoughts and comments here… and welcome once again to my site.

  1. alesiablogs says:

    Thank you for recently visiting my blog. I like the idea of yours and plan to come back. Thank you!

  2. cgparkin says:

    Cheers… I’ll pop by to take a look…

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