The Great Unravelling!

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Summer Writing
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It took the death of our computer for this collection (see pic) to occur. As a result of our new computer arriving, I decided it was high time to go through the great morass of computer paraphernalia that had accumulated over the last 5+ years. Most of it is cabling… 3.5mm jack cords, USB Device-specific cords, power cords. But then there are remotes (some never even used) for a variety of devices such as USB TV recorders and Digital radios (I’m still happy to press a button to change the function when working with the radio operating in the kitchen!) and in-car chargers for long gone mobile phones. I took this photo when the pile was about 60% of the household total – I’ve yet to go through the range of NI-CAD battery chargers that exist in the shed!

Now, with our new computer being much quieter (gone are the days of the friendly fan that would hum and rattle away just to make you feel part of the whole computing experience) and less “cordy”, I’m looking further afield and thinking that 2013 will be the year of the de-leveraging. Unravelling. Uncluttering.

Decimate: Despite the students that I teach thinking that it means to “wipe out”, the word suggests reducing by one in ten. I’m thinking this mightn’t be a bad place to start – clothes, books (perhaps more than 1 in 10 here), general household detritus, those unpacked boxes from the last move, you name it. If I can have more going out of the house than coming in, I’ll feel like the Great Unravelling of Clutter has been a success for 2013. And, if I have thrown out some critical cable… well, we’ll come to that bridge if we ever come to that bridge…

What are the items that you still hang on to… just-in-case you need them in 2022?

  1. Mary says:

    This is a good start! I am permanently de-cluttering and it gives me such a good feeling when something goes. Charity shop, rubbish bin, e-bay anywhere, plus I find stuff I didn’t even know we had. You might find some treasure. 🙂

  2. Beet says:

    love decluttering! Need to do more of it myself

  3. We are in the process of spring cleaning in te winter and your word decimate resonates with the process. Thanks for stopping by to read my post, “And then she said”

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