10 Things I Know To Be True – Part One

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Just a lighthearted look at some observations…

1. Like is the new um
Not sure if this is due to the rise of Facebook, but pauses in thought while speaking (formerly signified with sounds such as er, ah and um) are being filled with the word like. So, the following is not unfamiliar: “Sir, you know how like Demetrius wants to, like, chase after Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream…” Any use of simile or as an indicator of appreciation is unintended.

Throwing Rocks...

Throwing Rocks… (Photo credit: mollypop)

2. Boys are afraid of topography
This is based on many excursions and school camps. Put simply, boys, subconsciously, hate any landform that is higher (or lower) than any other. If you wish to replicate this yourself, take a group of boys out, climb a hill and have a rest at the top. Within minutes, boys will be looking to rectify the imbalance of land by throwing rocks over the edge of the hill. Left unchecked (i.e. as the boys become more nervous at the disparity), the size of the rocks will get progressively bigger. This model also works for waterways, such as lakes and rivers – boys will quickly look to find items to throw into the water in order to plug the gap that should be apparent to anyone.

3. A moving shopping trolley is more attractive
Ever noticed how children feel compelled to grab on for the ride as soon as a shopping trolley starts to move? I think there is a further correlation between the narrowness of the aisles (and perhaps how difficult the trolley is to steer) and the propensity for them to jump aboard.

Let me know if you’d appreciate part 2! [For those waiting for app strategies… I haven’t forgotten… Explain Everything to come shortly]  

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